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If you, as a person involved in an EU project, or as a member of the public, wishes to raise a concern about how PEACE or INTERREG funding has been or is being used, particularly  if the concern relates to alleged impropriety, wrongdoing, corruption, fraud or malpractice you are encouraged to contact us.  The SEUPB recognises that the decision to report a concern can be difficult, not least because of fear of reprisal.  We will not tolerate any form of harassment and will take action to protect those who raise a concern in good faith.

The SEUPB will do its utmost to protect an individual’s identity if they raise a concern and do not want their name to be disclosed.  It must be appreciated however that the investigation process may lead to disclosure of the individual’s identity.  If you wish, you can raise your concerns anonymously with us.  Concerns expressed in this way are much less powerful but they will be considered at the discretion of the SEUPB.  If an allegation is made in good faith but is not confirmed by an investigation, no action will be taken against the individual responsible for making the allegation.  

You can make a disclosure to the SEUPB by writing to:

The Head of Finance & Corporate Services
The Special EU Programmes Body
7th Floor
The Clarence West Building
2 Clarence Street West

By email:

By telephone:

0808 100 2716


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