SEUPB - What is the INTERREG IVA Programme?

The INTERREG IVA Programme for Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland and Western Scotland is a European Union supported Structural Funds Programme which seeks to address the economic and social problems which result from the existence of borders. It supports strategic cross-border co-operation for a more prosperous and sustainable region. The INTERREG IVA Programme is worth €256 million (€192 million from the EU with further national contributions of €64 million).

The INTERREG IVA Programme continues INTERREG IIIA’s strong focus on Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. However, the eligible area now also includes Western Scotland. INTERREG IVA assists two categories of projects:

(i) Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland projects, as before;
(ii) Tripartite projects that involve Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland, and Western Scotland.
Every project will therefore have a Northern Ireland and Border Region of Ireland, element.

The programme is delivered through two priorities.

Priority 1: Co-operation for a more prosperous cross-border region:
It will do this by helping to diversify and develop the economy

  • By encouraging innovation and competitiveness in enterprise and business
    development and
  • By promoting tourism;

Priority 2: Co-operation for a sustainable cross-border region:
It will do this by supporting activities that

  • Promote cross-border co-operation in policy development and
  • Improve access to services to promote the quality of life for those living in the eligible area.

To download a copy of the INTERREG IVA Operational Programme click here

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