SEUPB - Programmes Overview

The programmes we manage, whilst distinct, are designed to work together to improve the quality of lives of those living within the region.

The PEACE and INTERREG programmes formed just a small part of the huge commitment made by the European Union to support regions. Between 2007 and 2013, over one third of the entire budget of the European Union (almost €350 billion) was set aside for Structural Funds programmes throughout Europe which sought to improve economic and social cohesion.

The PEACE III and INTERREG IVA Programmes fell under the programmes aimed at improving territorial co-operation. The INTERREG IVB and IVC Programmes which we offered advice and support on shared this aim. All of these programmes received their European Union funding via the European Regional Development Fund.

PEACE III and INTERREG IVA had their own specific priorities, but both programmes provided funding to operations (usually a partnership of projects) that met the programmes’ aims and objectives. We believe that through the projects that received funding from the PEACE III and INTERREG IVA Programmes, every part of the region benefitted from the assistance of the European Union.

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