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Submitted by purdye on Thu, 11/03/2022 - 15:43

FOI Requests 2020

FOI-2020-01: PIV expenses/allowances paid to RoI Councillors from RTE Current Affairs

Date of Response: May 2020


I am seeking certain records, relating to the PEACE IV PARTNERSHIP programme, operated by SEUPB.

In general terms, the records I am seeking relate to any expenses/allowances received by councillors in the Republic of Ireland, incurred/received as part of their roles as representatives of their local authorities to the Peace IV Partnership programme.

(To be clear: I am not seeking any records relating to staff members of this programme, nor anything to do with councillors elected to Northern Ireland councils.)

Specifically, please can I obtain, for each of the five following periods -  June 2014-end 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019 - a breakdown of any expenses/allowances, for each relevant Republic of Ireland councillor in receipt of any expenses/allowances from your organisation, according to:

1. Mileage claims, in cases where the councillor used his/her private car to make a journey and claimed this as an expense from your organisation. Please include the KMs involved and the costs reimbursed.

2. And other travel expenses (other than mileage claims).

3. Subsistence claims.

4. Accommodation costs, if applicable.

5. Any other expenses reimbursed.

6. The date(s) for which the event/meeting being expensed related to. 

7. A brief description of the event/meeting expensed.

8. Any allowances/fees paid (ie non-expenses), if applicable.


Outcome: No readily available records relating to this request. Extracting and compiling this information would cause an excessive and unreasonable administrative burden on the unit