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Submitted by purdye on Thu, 11/03/2022 - 15:45

FOI Requests 2021

FOI-2021-01: Nerve Centre Governance Query

Date of Response: March 2021

Request: Request for information on the investigation into the Nerve Centre governance

Outcome: Information partially released


FOI-2021-02: Crusaders Football Club Query

Date of Response: April 2021

Request: In accordance with the ICO - FOI guidance, could I please require a copy of all the following:

1.         I require a copy of all Grants paid to Crusaders Football Club from the time period, 1 April 2015 until 31 March 2021.  To include, amounts paid, funding title, financial breakdown of Grant/Grants awarded and how the Grants funds were used.

2.         Copy of all Economic and Financial Appraisals documents created as a result of any Grants allocated to Crusaders Football Club. 

Outcome: Information not held


FOI-2021-03: SEUPB Positions Regrading

Date of Response: April 2021

Request: Under Freedom of Information, could I request records on any positions regraded in your organisation from 2010 to date.  Could you include a breakdown of;

Job Title

Job Location

Old Grade

New Grade

Date of regrading

Outcome: Information disclosed



FOI-2021-04: Request for info re funding vouching

Date of Response: June 2021

Request: Following on from my previous email, please could provide me with the following information in relation to vouching for Peace IV funding staff caseload. If you are not the appropriate person to deal with this request I would be grateful if you could pass my query onto them.

1. The Process of requesting case information from advocacy and Health and well-being staff to verify funding. For example how are non-complex needs forms and complex needs forms requested, is it random or is there a specific requirement from each funded group.

2. For year 2017-2019, is there any complex or non complex data outstanding from any funded group and in specific Omagh Support &Self Help Group?

3. Could there be future requests for data in relation to the above period (2017-19) or has this period been closed in line with end of financial years?

4. How much funding has been vouched in relation to Peace IV workers for Omagh Support & Self Help Group for year 2019-20?

Outcome: Clarification sought and not received - treated as withdrawn



FOI-2021-05: Lisfannon Greenway

Date of Response: June 2021

Request: To ask SEUPB to provide information on the measures taken by them to ensure that the proposed Greenway funded through INTERREG VA is fully compliant with Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA) EU Directive in relation to the recently proposed revision to the previous route at Lisfannon

To provide information on any consultation that has taken place regarding the changes including especially the environmental impact of the new route. In particular, the deviation from the existing proposed route along the roadway to its relocation along the seafront.

To provide information on any revised Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR).

To supply any comparative analysis on the old and new routes and the differential impact on the environment of both proposals in line with its designation as a Special Area of Conservation.

Outcome: Information requested not held or not within the remit of SEUPB



FOI-2021-06: Omagh Support and Self Help Group Query

Date of Response: November 2021

Request: OSSHG are requesting a F.O.I. on all correspondence between VSS and SEUPB in connection with Peace iv lost records.

Outcome: Clarification sought and not received- treated as withdrawn.



FOI-2021-07: Irish Independent Irregularity information request

Date of Response: November 2021

Request: I wish to apply under the Freedom of Information Act for the following records held by SEUPB on irregularities:

•How many groups that benefited from PEACE IV and Interreg VB and VC had their funding withdrawn by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)?

•Could I have the name of the groups and the amount of funding that was withdrawn in each case?

•How much the SEUPB has recovered from the groups to date?

•Could I also request a list of all post-payment irregularities recorded for the PEACE IV and INTERREG VB AND VC Programmes reported to Northern Ireland and the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform in Ireland. 

In the case of each irregularity, could I request:

•The name of the organisation and details of the nature of the irregularity, including the amount.

•The amount of funding recovered in each case, if relevant. 

•Actions taken SEUPB in each case, including organisations/irregularities referred or recommendation for further investigation. 

Outcome: Information disclosed



FOI-2021-08: SEUPB spending on external suppliers

Date of Response: December 2021

Request: I am requesting data about payments made by Special EU Programmes Body to external suppliers for purchases of goods and services between 2020-01-01 and 2020-12-31.

I understand that spending over €20,000 is published on your website. I would like to request some complementary information, if possible.

What I am requesting is a compiled list, ideally in Microsoft Excel format, of the organisation's external suppliers which contains as many of the following variables as possible:

-The name of the supplier

-The supplier's VAT identification number

-The total amount paid to the supplier during the year 2020 for purchases of goods and services. The amounts can either be including or excluding VAT.

This request only regards suppliers to whom the organisation has paid €5,000 or more during 2020. If information about any specific supplier is too sensitive to produce, feel free to remove it from any potential list.

If this request is rejected I would appreciate it if you could evaluate it again with a higher threshold of €10,000.


Outcome: Information disclosed if held