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Submitted by euadm2 on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 10:35

Recovery of Protected Habitats & Priority Species (ERDF: €11m)

The three jurisdictions of the INTERREG VA Programme share habitats and marine resources.  Cross-border collaboration is essential in order to adequately address the requirements of the Biodiversity Strategy, Birds and Habitats Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

This objective will promote cross-border cooperation to facilitate the recovery of selected protected habitats and priority species.  It will result in an increase in the percentage of selected protected habitats in or approaching favourable condition.

The Programme has prioritised seven protected habitats and seven priority species.  These have been selected from habitats and species common to all three jurisdictions.  All habitats and species selected for investment will be taken from this priority list.  Only sites important to these protected habitats or priority species can be chosen for investment by the Programme.

List of priority habitats & priority species

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Output: 4,500 ha of habitats supported in order to attain a better conservation status

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Output: 25 conservation action plans


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Development of mapping of protected habitats and sites of cross-border relevance;
  • Development and implementation of conservation action plans for protected sites of cross-border relevance;
  • Tangible conservation actions for protected habitats and species
  • Conservation management and protection activities to encourage sustainable natural regeneration of species populations;
  • Development and sharing of best practice and enhancement of skills in ecosystem management;
  • Development and use of databases to assist conservation actions;
  • Removal of invasive species;
  • Research into species and habitats, including the impact of climate change, which support the actions within the Programme;
  • Education and outreach activities.


Closed Funding Calls

The SEUPB closed this call at 3pm on Friday 8 January 2016.


Review Panel Minutes

The review panel minutes relating to applications to this objective can be found here.