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The SEUPB has opened a new funding call under the Health & Social Care objective of the INTERREG VA Programme.

The call has a value of up to €4.2million and will support projects under the 'Population Health' output of the objective.

Full details of the call including the agreed outputs and selection criteria can be found here - Population Health Funding call.

Details on the mandatory attachments for the call can be found here - Mandatory attachments.

All applications must be received no later than 3pm on Friday 29 March 2019 when the call will close.

To apply for the call please use the 'Registration function' on the eMS INTERREG VA system.

A workshop outlining details of the call will take place on Tuesday 26 February 2019. For more information or to register for this event email:


Health & Social Care (ERDF: €53m)

The health and social care services across the region face challenges in meeting rising demand within a constrained budget environment. Cross-border cooperation will contribute towards the more efficient delivery of health services in border regions. Cooperation across the region is essential to obtain the necessary critical mass for healthcare trials. Coordination and sharing of e-health solutions can fast-track implementation of this technology, facilitating the delivery of high quality services.

This objective will, through collaboration on a cross-border basis, improve the health and well-being of people living in the region by enabling them to access health and social care services in the most appropriate setting to their needs. It will result in an increased number of 'episodes of care' delivered on a cross-border basis.


  • Output: Develop 12 new cross-border area interventions to support the positive health and wellbeing and prevention of ill health for 15,000 beneficiaries
  • Output: Develop two new cross-border area community support services to support 4,000 disabled people who are socially isolate
  • Output: Develop a new cross-border area community and voluntary sector infrastructure to support 8,000 clients who have recovered from mental illness
  • Output: Develop and implement two new border area frameworks for early intervention to benefit 5,000 vulnerable families
  • Output: Establish four cross-border frameworks, for scheduled and unscheduled care streams for 15,000 patients
  • Output: Create a share cross-border framework and service for the identification, assessment and referral of 2,500 patients identified as "at risk" of isolation and social exclusion
  • Output: Provide specialist training and development programmes for 3,800 cross-border area health and social care providers
  • Output: Develop and deliver 10 cross-border area health care intervention trials for novel but unproven healthcare interventions to prevent and cure illness
  • Output: Create one e-health research and evaluation mechanism for the evaluation of e-health and mobile health solutions


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Supporting positive health and well-being and the prevention of ill health through an integrated approach;
  • Development of a social equality approach to promoting social inclusion, citizenship and better life outcomes for disabled people;
  • Promoting cross-border mental and emotional resilience and recovery;
  • Early authoritative intervention with vulnerable families;
  • Primary care and older people services, supporting caring communities and independent living;
  • To develop new models of working both in scheduled and unscheduled care streams by better utilising scarce physical, financial and human resources;
  • Development and implementation of support and cooperation services on a cross-border basis for community and voluntary organisations involved in the provision of social care and healthcare services within their own communities;
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of cross-border initiatives in the area of e-health, including addressing challenges of isolation in rural areas, telemetry, web-based information on community resources and support services across a range of healthcare service areas;
  • Development of cross-border cooperation in the area of healthcare records management in order to streamline access to information for patients and clinical professionals in the provision of cross-border care services;
  • Cross-border training interventions for healthcare professionals, social care professionals and personnel in community and voluntary organisations involved in the provision of cross-border health and social care support services;
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of health and social care trials in a range of healthcare areas.

Health Impact Evaluation Report

The first report of the Health and Social Care Impact Evaluation (February 2019) is available here

Closed Funding Calls

The SEUPB closed this call at 3pm on 16th November 2015.


Review Panel Minutes

Review panel minutes for the Engage application are available here.

Review panel minutes for the NAVIGATE application are available here