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Northern Periphery and Artic Programme (2014-2020)


In line with the 5th call for applications, a 'How to Apply' seminar will be held by the Joint Secretariat during Novemebr 2017 in Copenhagen. Details of the event will be published on the NPA website  

The SEUPB, as Regional Contact Point for the Programme, will be holding a project implementation seminar for Northern Ireland projects approved in the last call. The seminar, which will include guidance on effective project management, preparation of claims and eligibility of expenditure, will take place in April/May 2017. More details on this will follow.

Information Documents including the Programme Manual are available within the NPA website

Atlantic Area Programme (2014-2020)


In advance of the submission of stage two applications into the first call, the SEUPB held one-on-one meetings with Northern Ireland Lead Partners and an information session led by the UK National Contact point; Guillaume Le Palud for project partners. A link to the presentation from this seminar is include below.

Information Documents

Presentation - Information Session for Northern Ireland Partners (26 October 2016)

Key Programme documents can be found via this link -

Current Project Ideas (published on the AA website) are available via this link -

North West Europe Programme (2014-2020)

The SEUPB hosted a joint Northern Ireland/Ireland Information & Networking seminar on 7 March 2017 in Enniskillen. This event gave potential applicants the opportunity to learn more about applying into the programmes and importantly to network and share ideas with potential project partners. Presentations were provided by representatives from the Joint Secretariat and the UK and Ireland National Contact Points. In addition, a representative from the HeatNet project provided insight into their experience in applying to the programme and mobilizing the project. A link to the presentation from this seminar is included below under Information Documents.

A 5th call for applications opens from 18 April - 24 May 2017. A 6th call for applications is also expected in Autumn 2017.

Information Documents

Presentation - Joint Northern Ireland/Ireland Information and Networking Seminar (7 March 2017)

Application Resources can be obtained via this link -

Approved projects support documents can be obtained via this link -

Interreg Europe Programme (2014-2020)

In April 2016, the SEUPB held an information seminar for potential applicants of the Programme. The seminar included presentations from the Joint Secretariat, the SEUPB and a project representative. A link to the presentation from this seminar is included below under Information Documents.

Information Documents

Presentation - Northern Ireland Information Seminar (20 April 2016)

Key policy and Implementation material can be obtained via this link -

Find partners and ideas via this link -

A Programme Manual is also available.



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