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Children & Young People

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Submitted by euadm2 on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 13:45

Children & Young People aged 14-24 (Total Value: €37.6m / ERDF: €32m)

The Programme will be outcomes focused in terms of good relations, personal development and citizenship, which will bring about a positive change in the form of clear, meaningful and sustainable 'distance travelled' for those young people who participate. It will target young people aged 14-24 years who are disadvantaged, excluded or marginalised, have deep social and emotional needs and are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, violence or dissident activity.

This objective will enhance the capacity of children and young people to form positive and effective relationships with others of a different background and make a positive contribution to building a cohesive society.

It will result in an increase in the percentage of 16 year olds who socialise or play sport with people from a different religious community; who think relations between Protestants and Catholics are better than they were five years ago; and who think relations between Protestants and Catholics will be better in five years' time.  These result indicators will be monitored from information collected by the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey.

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Output: Phase One - 3,400 young people aged 14-24 years who are most marginalised and disadvantaged completing approved programmes that develop their soft skills and a respect for diversity. Phase Two will target 4,000 young people (rising to 6,600 if the additional €10.5m ERDF is allocated.)


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Delivered within Northern Ireland on a shared basis which gives young people opportunities for sustained, purposeful interaction with others from a different community background;
  • Delivered on a cross-border basis, creating opportunities for contact between young people in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland;
  • Intervention for young people will generally last between six and nine months and will be of sufficient intensity to ensure the experience is transformative;
  • Utilising a professional youth development approach, delivered to an agreed set of standards by suitably skilled professionals;
  • Shared youth programmes focused on good relations, citizenship and personal development, which may include: sport; drama; culture; language; entrepreneurial and volunteering activities; residential training activities; peer mentoring;
  • Support for a mentoring model, where each participant has access to a personal tutor;
  • Professional training for youth development practitioners, including cross-border professional development programmes to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience. 

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