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How Do I Manage My Funding?

Project Guidance Documents

In order to simplify the management of EU funding we have created a range of comprehensive documents which will answer all of your questions. This includes the 'Programme Rules' guide which covers issues relating to budgeting, procurement, state aid, monitoring and reporting etc. A number of other supporting documents for projects have also been provided below. The documents can be made available in alternative formats and languages as requested, please email:

Programme Rules

Project Closure Guidance

Standard Conditions of Grant

Local Authority Action Plan Guide ( for PEACE IV only)

Guide for Applicants

Post Project Evaluation Proforma



On-line Tutorials - New 'How to!' guide to make project management easier

We have just created a series of on-line 'How to!' video tutorials which will assist you on different aspects of project management, each one has been specifically designed to help you deliver your project.

The videos can be accessed via the below link to our You Tube channel and cover topics such as 'How to create a claim on the EMS system', 'How to create a modification request' and 'How to create partner reports'.

SEUPB On-line 'How to' video tutorials


Communications Guidance

Just like any other funder or sponsor, it is important that the financial contribution the EU makes to a project is clearly acknowledged. It is part of the rules and regulations that go hand in hand with the funding.

To help projects with their communications responsibilities we have created an easy-to-read Publicity & Marketing Toolkit which provides advice and guidance on how projects can properly acknowledge the EU funding they are receiving. We have also created a zip file for each Programme which contains all of the logos that projects will need.

You can download the Publicity & Marketing Toolkit, along with the relevant zip file of logos using the link in the Media Section, where you will also find other useful information.


Output Indicators

The impact of both the PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programmes will be monitored through the use of output and result indicators. Projects receiving funding under the Programmes will be expected to deliver and report against output indicators they are contributing towards. There are a number of output indicators for PEACE IV and INTERREG VA, please see the full list below: