Sustainable Transport Impact Evaluation

Under Priority Axis 3, €78.7 million was invested in five projects to promote cross-border, intermodal and sustainable mobility across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. 

Key facts

  • €78.7 million total funding awarded
  • 5 projects
  • 1 cross-border multi-modal transport hub
  • 3 cross-border greenways funded
  • 73 cross-border electric vehicle charging points funded

Based on figures at the time of the evaluation and subject to verification.

Transport Research Partners were commissioned to undertake a longitudinal impact evaluation of Priority Axis 3, Sustainable Transport, to assess the effectiveness and impact of the investment, informing the remainder of the Programme and future programming periods. 

Across three cycles of research, the Evaluation Team combined desk-based research and project and public surveys to assess progress in the delivery of the projects, and to measure the impact of external factors on projected results. Mitigation measures by project and Programme stakeholders have also been reviewed as part of the analysis. Three reports were released over the period evaluation in 2018, 2020 and 2022. All three reports can be accessed below.

The final impact evaluation in 2022 measures did the projects achieve what they set out to achieve. The report also outlines the significant external factors which have impacted projects, including the impacts of Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, societal adjustment to new work and travel behaviour, financial challenges, and political instability. Other key findings were also discussed with recommendations for future programmes and projects.

"Despite the changing context of transport and limitations in supply, the INTERREG VA projects have continued to be delivered. By taking the actions observed through the evaluation and by maintaining and extending, it is likely that the programme management has ensured the maximum levels of infrastructure as possible will be delivered."

Transport Research Partners Evaluation Team 

Evaluation Reports

Previous reports:

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