Investment Area 2.3 - Programme Area Skills Development

PEACEPLUS Programme, Investment Area 2.3 - Programme Area Skills Development.

The investment area will support area-based approaches, designed to address evidenced skills gaps, as detailed in Government national and sub-regional skills strategies. These objectives should support the goals of increased productivity and employment and higher levels of cross-border labour mobility. The PEACEPLUS Programme will build on best practice area-based models of skills development.

The Programme will enable cross-community and cross-border collaboration between education and training providers which reduce duplication and maximise the capacity of the Programme area to address existing and emerging skills gaps, and opportunities for reskilling.

Objective of this call

This objective will address existing and emerging skills gaps, leading to equal access to inclusive and quality services and increasing cross-border labour mobility. 

It will result in the development of a flourishing Programme area workforce, with skills better aligned to existing and future growth sectors and in line with public policy.

€50m is available in this call. This call closed at 5pm on Wednesday 8th May 2024. The SEUPB will not accept applications after this date. 

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