Investment Area 5.3 Water Quality Catchment Management

Investment Area 5.3 Water Quality Cross-Border Catchments

Investment Area 5.3 Water Quality Cross-Border Catchments

Water Quality Improvement Programme covers both investment area 5.3 and 5.4.

This investment area will enable a cross-border collaborative approach to the management and improvement of water quality to address the requirements of the Water Framework Directive in selected:

  • Investment Area 5.3 - Cross-border catchments (freshwater bodies in cross-border river basins) located within the Programme Area; and
  • Investment Area 5.4 - Water bodies.

The key objective of Investment Area (IA) 5.3 is to 'promote sustainable water management' resulting in 'The development and management of cross-border water quality and catchment management programmes, designed to enable freshwater bodies in cross-border river basins to achieve good or high quality. with an increased percentage of shared waters in the Programme Area with good or high quality status.'

Priority Actions and Locations

As part of the pre-development support for Investment Area 5.3 the two jurisdictions have worked together to identify the areas, actions, and target species/populations which would benefit the most from Programme Support. These are based on need, on the policy priorities in the region, and on what we have learned from past Programmes. The priority list below provides specific actions and locations where applicants should focus their attention in the development of project proposals and actions.

5.3 Priority Actions and Locations

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