Investment Area 5.4 Water Quality Water Bodies

Investment Area 5.4 Water Quality and Water Bodies

Investment Area 5.4 Water Quality and Water Bodies

The Water Quality Improvement Programme will enable a cross-border collaborative approach to the management and improvement of water quality to address the requirements of the Water Framework Directive in selected: 

  • Investment area 5.3 - Cross-border catchments (freshwater bodies in cross-border river basins) located within the Programme Area; and
  • Investment area 5.4 - Water bodies.

The objective of investment area This objective will promote sustainable water management. It will result in:

  • The development and management of crossborder water quality and catchment management programmes, designed to enable freshwater bodies in cross-border river basins to achieve good or high quality; and
  • An increased percentage of shared waters in the Programme Area with good or high quality status.

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