Investment Area 2.4 - Smart Towns and Villages

Investment Area 2.4 - Smart Town and Villages.  

The Smart Towns and Villages Programme will provide greater access to and awareness of telecommunications. An area-based approach will be adopted to the creation of Smart Towns and Villages. This proven model utilises a social innovation-led approach to maximise the potential of ICT to deliver improved social and economic outcomes in target areas; particularly those of a rural nature. 

Objective of this call

This specific objective will support economic and social development using Information Communications Technology (ICT) to deliver outcomes in target areas, particularly those of a rural nature, leading to the creation of a more cohesive society.

It will result in more citizens and communities accessing and utilising ICT to enhance social service delivery and economic development; and as such contribute to the ceation of a more resilient, vibrant and prosperous Programme area. 

€30m is available in this call. 

This call closed at 5pm on Thursday 14th March 2024.  SEUPB cannot accept applications after this date.

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