Investment Area 3.1 Shared Learning Together

Investment Area 3.1 Shared Learning Together

Investment Area 3.1 Shared Learning Together

The education together of those from diverse communities, including reasonable numbers of both Protestant and Catholic children or young persons; including those who are experiencing socio-economic deprivation and those who are not; pupils and young people whose learning experience can be enhanced through additional supports, which is secured by the working together; and co-operation of two or more relevant education providers (formal and non-formal).

Informed by experience and evaluation, funding will be directed towards collaborative (including cross-border) education approaches within the formal and non-formal education sectors,

This objective will provide direct, sustained contact between children from all backgrounds through collaboration between and within schools, early years settings and youth organisations, to promote good relations and enhance children’s skills to contribute to a cohesive society.

It will result in an increase in the number of children (pre-school, primary and second level and those engaging with youth services), teachers, principals, practitioners and youth workers engaged in sustained partnerships with those from different community, socio-economic, cultural and political backgrounds in a manner which will contribute to the attitudinal and behavioural change within schools and the wider community required to build a more peaceful, prosperous and cohesive Programme Area. 

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