What is the SEUPB?

The Special EU Programmes Body is responsible for managing funding under the PEACEPLUS, PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programmes. This investment continues to protect and preserve the hard-won peace and provide opportunities for building prosperity in Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland.

Functions and Roles

The SEUPB has a number of different functions and roles including responsibility for implementing the EU co-funded North South cooperation programmes – PEACE IV and INTERREG VA - as well as developing the new successor programme, PEACEPLUS. 

The organisation is also in charge of issuing calls for applications from projects seeking funding. A funding call timetable is developed for each programme, setting out all the relevant opening and closing dates.

SEUPB Directorates

Within the SEUPB, there are three Directorates. One is the Managing Authority which has overall responsibility for the monitoring and evaluation of the PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programmes. As such, it chairs and provides overall administration support for the Programme Monitoring Committees (which are in place to monitor the programmes’ effectiveness and quality). 

The Financial Control Unit sits within the Managing Authority and it is responsible for verifying the legality and regularity of all expenditure incurred. It conducts pre-contracting checks on each lead partner and carries out administrative verifications of claims made by a project 

The Joint Secretariat is responsible for providing information on funding opportunities. It prepares project assessments which are presented to the Steering Committee for their final decision. It also assists lead partners in the implementation of their projects. 

The third Authority is the Certifying Authority. It authenticates all expenditure claims submitted to the European Commission as well as controlling each programme's cash flow and making payments to lead partners.

What funded Programmes has the SEUPB been involved in?

The SEUPB was responsible for the delivery of the previous PEACE III and INTERREG IVA Programmes between 2007-2013. Both Programmes made a tangible impact in terms of peace and reconciliation as well as building a more prosperous and sustainable region. 

The SEUPB is responsible for the implementation of the EU’s PEACE IV (€270m) and INTERREG VA (€283m) Programmes both of which were scheduled to run between 2014 and 2020. Because of the impact of the Covid pandemic, they have been extended and are scheduled to finish in 2023. 

We also have a signposting role to promote involvement in the INTERREG VB Transnational and INTERREG VC Interregional Programmes.

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