Applying for Funding

The PEACEPLUS Programme has been divided into six themes. The opportunity to apply for funding under each theme will open at different intervals throughout the year. The funding calls timetable is available for download below.

Applications for funding can be submitted by a wide range of organisations including local authorities, public sector bodies as well as voluntary and community sector organisations. 

PEACEPLUS funding cannot be awarded to individuals. Every application is subject to eligibility checks.  

The PEACEPLUS funding calls timetable can be downloaded below.

PEACEPLUS_CallTimetable May 24_1.pdf
PEACEPLUS_CallTimetable May 24_1.pdf


Projects funded under the PEACEPLUS Programme 2021-2027 are built on four types of partners: 

  1. Lead Partner, 
  2. Project Partners,
  3. Associate Partners from either the public or private sectors, and 
  4. sub-partners. 

Classification of partners and their roles

  • All partners should have the capacity and knowledge in the project subject area to participate fully and to deliver the products and / or services.
  • All partners need to have the administrative and adequate resources required to participate in a PEACEPLUS project.
  • All projects are required to provide supporting documents required by the SEUPB Managing Authority, Joint Secretariat, First Level Controllers, or Auditors. 

A strong partnership is essential for the success of the project, and it should involve partners who have the collective mix of experience, expertise, and the competence necessary to collaboratively design, implement and achieve the project outputs and objectives.

Types of partners

Participating Project partners can be any public or private organisation that is a legal entity, as listed in the table below:

Main categories Examples
Local Public Authority / Local Council  
Higher Education and Research University faculty, college, research institution etc
Education/training centre and school Primary, secondary, pre-school, vocational training etc.
SME Micro, small, medium size enterprises
Business support organisation Innovation centre, business cluster
Interest groups including NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)  Charity, voluntary association, club etc
Sectoral Agency Environmental agency, energy agency
Infrastructure and public supply, service provider Public transport, utility company (water supply, electricity, sewage, gas, waste collection, railway, port, airport etc).

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