Additional Guidance and Resources


The SEUPB may deliver pre-application workshops for specific PEACEPLUS Investment Areas in order to provide additional guidance and information prior to the funding calls opening. In order to ensure this information is available to those who attend the workshops and those who do not, the materials from each workshop are available to access below. 

Each of the PEACEPLUS Themes and Investment Areas have specific criteria. Pre-application workshops provide more information and enable organisations to identify the right investment area for their project. 

You can access resources and information from the pre-application workshops below. 

Theme 1.3 Building Positive Relations: Pre-Application Support

Theme 1.4 Reimaging Communities: Pre-Application Support

Theme 2.1 SME Development and Transition: Pre-Application Support

Theme 2.2 Innovation Challenge Fund: Pre-Application Support

Theme 2.3 PEACEPLUS Programmes Areas Skills Development Pre-Application

Theme 2.4 Smart Towns and Villages: Pre-Application Support

Theme 3.1 Shared Learning Together (Formal Education): Pre-Application Support

Theme 3.2 PEACEPLUS Youth Programme - Quality and Impact Body

Theme 3.3 Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing: Pre-Application Support

Theme 4.1 Collaborative Health and Social Care: Pre-Application Support

Theme 4.1 Collaborative Health and Social Care – Addiction Services

Theme 4.2 Rural Regeneration & Social Inclusion: Pre-Application Support

Theme 5.1 Biodiversity, Nature Recovery and Resilience: Pre-Application Support

Theme 5.2 Marine and Coastal Management: Pre-Application Support

Theme 5.3 Water Quality and Catchment Management: Pre-Application Support

Theme 5.5 Geothermal Energy Demonstration: Pre-Application Support

Theme 6.1 Strategic Planning and Engagement Briefing Meeting

Pre-application support is not a formal part of the assessment process. Applicants can still apply to the programme if they have not attended a workshop.

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