PEACE IV Evaluations

To evaluate the PEACE IV Programme, the SEUPB appointed independent evaluators to conduct an implementation evaluation and three impact evaluations.

Three impact evaluations were carried out under the 2014-2020 PEACE IV Programme assessing the change achieved by PEACE IV within each of the Programme’s specific objectives.

  1. Shared Education (PEACE IV Specific Objective 1)
  2. Children and Young People (14-24) (PEACE IV Specific Objective 2)
  3. Local Authority Action Plans, Building Positive Relations, and Shared Spaces and Services. (PEACE IV Specific Objectives 2, 3 and 4)
  • Shared Education Impact Evaluation

    €33.14m was invested in increasing the number of schools, teachers and participants involved in Shared Education to promote good relations and enhance children’s skills and attitudes to contribute to a cohesive society. The evaluation measures the progress towards output and result indicators, the benefits to children, teachers, and the wider community, and provides recommendations for future Programmes.
  • Children and Young People (14-24) Impact Evaluation

    €37.6m was invested in providing over 7,400 disadvantaged / excluded / marginalised young people aged 14 – 24 with the opportunity to participate in shared programmes of activity focused on good relations, citizenship, and personal development. The evaluation considers did the projects achieve what they set out to achieve, the difference this has made and recommendations for Programmes.
  • Local Authority Action Plans, Building Positive Relations, Shared Spaces and Services Impact Evaluation

    €253.3 million was invested in developing and deepening reconciliation; increasing tolerance and respect; promoting community cohesion and contact; enhancing cross-border cooperation; addressing the legacy of the past; and contributing to attitudinal changes. The evaluation case studies assess outcomes, impact, lessons learned and recommendations for future programmes.
  • Implementation Evaluation

    The implementation evaluation supports the smooth delivery of the programme by assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation mechanism established for the programme, including measures to reduce the administrative burden.

    The implementation evaluation covers both he PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programme.

The Evaluation Plan was drawn up and set out the proposed methods for effectively assessing how the support provided has contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the Programme, facilitated learning and maximized the impact of proposed investments.


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