Investment Area 1.4 - Re-Imaging Communities

The SEUPB are now accepting applications to the PEACEPLUS Programme, Investment Area 1.4 – Reimaging Communities


This is a programme of transformative re-imaging projects, which will create new shared spaces for use by all communities; or increase the shared usage of existing facilities.  It will provide diverse communities with the support and resources to self-determine and co-design transformative shared, inclusive spaces and services on a cross-community basis within their areas; and facilitate the re-imaging of existing facilities (including those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic), with an emphasis on those areas which have been most impacted by the conflict, in a way which will deliver maximum social and economic benefits.

Objective of this Call

This Investment Area will create a more cohesive society through an increased provision of shared spaces and services, which will benefit and embed peace and reconciliation.

It will result in an increase in the number of individuals and groups regularly accessing new or reimaged shared spaces, which have been co-designed on a cross-community basis; and spending recreational time or accessing serves therein.

€75m is available in this call.  This call closed on Thursday 7th September 2023. The SEUPB will not accept applications after this date.

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