PEACE Programmes Learning Platform

The PEACE Programmes Learning Platform, also known as the Peace Platform holds information and records that will continue to grow and develop in the coming years - including thousands of project case studies, research documents, reports, audio-recordings, testimonials, films and photographs.

The PEACE Platform is a living archive of the work funded by the EU Peace Programmes over the last three decades. It showcases the achievements of over 22,500 projects and provides inspiration for the continual integration of communities in post-conflict societies – not just in Northern Ireland but around the world.

What it contains

It holds information and records that will continue to grow and develop in the coming years - including:

  • thousands of project case studies, 
  • research documents, 
  • reports, 
  • audio-recordings, 
  • testimonials, 
  • films and 
  • photographs. 

Who will find it useful?

The Peace Platform shares the lessons and lived experiences of peacebuilding - providing a resource for those involved in peace and reconciliation work including:

  • academics, 
  • researchers,
  • journalists and 
  • areas developing integration tools and projects for minority groups. 

The Peace Platform has many uses, providing examples of good practice, lessons learnt and inspiration for the future for post-conflict regions, but also the much wider applications and relevance for projects across Europe which are working with a range of beneficiaries including children and young people, women and minority groups, and addressing matters of justice and integration.

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