Investment Area 5.6 Enhanced Sustainable Travel Connectivity

This programme will increase connectivity across the Programme Area in the form of sustainable transport. It will involve significant investment in sustainable rail stock to enable the introduction of an hourly crossborder rail service.

Increasing the level of cross-border mobility is essential for the economic and social and territorial cohesion across the Programme Area. This includes the further development and embedding of peace and reconciliation. Transportation facilitates connectivity and contact between people from Northern Ireland

and the border counties of Ireland.

PEACEPLUS Programme will increase connectivity in the form of sustainable public transport. It will invest in the cross-border rail services between Belfast and Dublin on the Core Corridor for 2027, in the form of new rolling stock to facilitate the introduction of an hourly service and the reduction of emissions from rail and through encouraging a modal shift.

Results and Outputs

It will result in an increase in the sustainable rail stock across the Programme Area and an increase in cross-border mobility achieved through an increased and faster rail service. Actions to be supported The action to be supported will include:

• New sustainable rail rolling stock to facilitate the introduction of an hourly service between Dublin and Belfast. The investment will work towards the achievement of an increase in service levels and passenger numbers.

Output and result indicators are key in measuring and monitoring the overall performance of the PEACEPLUS Programme.

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