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We work very hard to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of service. We realise that sometimes things may go wrong or you may not be satisfied with what we do. No matter what your complaint is you have a right to discuss your problem and/or make a complaint.

SEUPB Complaints Procedure 2023
SEUPB_Complaints_Procedure_v2_2023 (1).pdf

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There are some issues that you are unable to complain about using this complaints procedure. These are:

  1. Matters that have already been fully investigated through SEUPB’s complaints procedure.
  2. Complaints from organisations who have been rejected for funding or who feel that they have not received sufficient funding – complaints relating to project assessment and all funding decisions are dealt with through the Review Procedure. Please see the SEUPB website or contact us for further information.
  3. Project concerns falling outside of the remit of SEUPB - The SEUPB does not have the remit to consider all actions undertaken by an organisation in receipt of European funding. Complaints must relate directly to a project for which funding was provided under either the PEACE IV or INTERREG VA Programmes.
  4. Projects funded under any of the previous Peace and Interreg Programmes.
  5. You make a complaint more than 12 months after you first became aware of the problem
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Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt.

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