INTERREG VA Evaluations

The SEUPB have appointed independent evaluators who have carried out a number of impact evaluations of the INTERREG VA Programme.

Four impact evaluations were carried out under the 2014-2020 INTERREG VA Programme assessing the change achieved by INTERREG VA within each of the Programme’s Priority Axis’.

  1. Research and Innovation (Priority Axis 1)
  2. Environment (Priority Axis 2)
  3. Sustainable Transport (Priority Axis 3)
  4. Health and Social Care (Priority Axis 4)
  • Research and Innovation Impact Evaluation

    €78.7m was invested in increasing Research & Innovation capacity in the ‘Health & Life Sciences’ and ‘Renewable Energy’ sectors. It also aimed to increase the number and capacity of SMEs and micro-businesses engaged in cross-border Research & Innovation activity to develop new products, processes, and tradeable services. The evaluation considers the achievements, challenges and learning for future programmes.
  • Environment Impact Evaluation

    €85.5m was invested in facilitating the recovery of selected protected habitats and priority species, developing cross-border capacity for monitoring and managing marine protected areas and species, improving water quality in shared transitional waters, and improving freshwater quality in cross-border river basins. The evaluation considers the achievements, challenges and learning for future programmes.
  • Sustainable Transport Impact Evaluation

    €78.7m was invested in promoting cross-border, intermodal and sustainable mobility across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The evaluation assesses the effectiveness and impact of the investment, factors affecting the performance and recommendations for future programmes.
  • Health and Social Care Impact Evaluation

    €62m was invested in delivering 9,000 ‘episodes of care’ on a cross-border basis to improve the health and well-being of people by enabling them to access quality health and social care services in settings appropriate to their needs. The evaluation examines the achievements, challenges, the difference the investment has made and recommendations for future programmes.
  • Implementation Evaluation

    The implementation evaluation supports the smooth delivery of the programme by assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation mechanism established for the programme, including measures to reduce the administrative burden.

    The implementation evaluation covers both he PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programme.

The Evaluation Plan was drawn up and set out the proposed methods for effectively assessing how the support provided has contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the Programme, facilitated learning and maximized the impact of proposed investments. 



Applications are currently closed for this programme.

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