Investment Area 6.1 - Strategic Planning and Engagement

This call has now closed. Further calls will be opened under this Investment Area in 2024. 

This is the first call under Investment Area 6.1.  The focus of this call is on the need for identifying best practice in cross-border partnerships, identfying North/South solutions and networking for a purpose. 

Please note there will be several calls in this Investment Area, each of which will focus on specific areas/activities/sectors and these will span 2024-2025.

Additional information and documentation relating to Investment Area 6.1 - Strategic Planning and Engagement can be found here

Objective of this Call

This specific objective will reduce the legal and administrative barriers to cross-border co-operation through joint development and management of strategies; co-operation capacity building; and identification of solutions.

It will result in the improved capacity for co-operation at strategic level in relevant sectors. Cross-border includes North/South and East/West as well as inclusion of partners from across the Island of Ireland, from Europe and globally. 

€1.5m is available in this call.  It is estimated that a small number of projects will be funded under this initial call and that the projects supported will be ready to commence in 2024.  It is anticipated that projects will be in the region of €200,000 - €500,000. 

This call closed at 5pm on Thursday 15 February 2024. The SEUPB will not accept applications after this date. 

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