The €283 million INTERREG VA programme which operates in Northern Ireland, the border counties and Western Scotland through partnership working. Its four key areas are research and innovation, environmental protection, sustainable transport and health and social care.

Since 1991 the INTERREG Programme has brought in approximately €1.13 billion into the region. 

This funding has funded thousands of projects that support strategic cross-border co-operation in order to create a more prosperous and sustainable region.

  • INTERREG VA Programme Overview

    The current INTERREG VA Programme (2014-2020) has been designed to promote greater levels of economic, social and territorial cohesion across the Programme area.
  • What was Funded Under the INTERREG VA Programme?

    A total of 34 projects have been funded under the INTERREG VA Programme (2014-2020). Its four key areas are research and innovation, environmental protection, sustainable transport and health and social care.
  • INTERREG VA Case Studies

    This programme encourages people from different regions and countries to come together and find solutions to benefit each other. These projects are protecting our shared environment, improving people’s health and wellbeing, reducing carbon emissions and making businesses better.
  • EMS

    The electronic Monitoring System (eMS) helps SEUPB collect and store all the information required to process funding applications for current Programmes.
  • Logos and Branding

    Within this section you will find more information about the publicity marketing toolkit and programme logos.
  • INTERREG VA Programme Monitoring and Steering Committees

    For each funded Programme, a Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) is established under European Regulation to monitor its effectiveness and quality. PMC delegates responsibility to the Steering Committee who make the final decision on whether funding is awarded to projects.
  • Programme Rules

    In order to simplify the management of EU Funding, we have created a single document that will cover all rules and regulations that projects must adhere to.  It covers issues relating to budgeting, procurement, state aid, monitoring and reporting. 
  • INTERREG VA Evaluations

    The SEUPB have appointed independent evaluators who have carried out a number of impact evaluations of the INTERREG VA Programme.

INTERREG VA Case Studies

To view the INTERREG VA case studies please select if you wish to view them in English or French. Case studies can also be filtered by objective


Call to Action: PEACE Learning Platform

Explore the PEACE Learning Platform

The Platform is an archive of the work carried out by Peace-funded programmes since their inception in 1994. Here you can view reports, video, images, and audio clips from some of the 22,245 projects funded under Peace. You can discover more here. Current projects can also discover how to upload materials to the Platform here.


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