Monday, 7 November 2022


PEACE PLUS is a new EU cross-border programme that will contribute to a more prosperous and stable society in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. The programme will achieve this by funding activities that promote peace and reconciliation and contribute to the cross-border economic and territorial development of the region. It will build upon previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes. 

The Programme will invest in efforts to inspire, equip and connect people to establish sustainable projects. The Programme will help to address long standing social and economic challenges which have, and continue to impact on communities, particularly those in rural border areas whilst recognising the ongoing challenges that exist in urban settings throughout the region and the devastating impact of COVID-19 on society.  

Preparatory work

A considerable amount of preparatory work, research and stakeholder engagement has already taken place in the development of the new programme, and we would like to thank all those citizens who came along to our public events and submitted surveys, those views were essential in the development process. A summary report on the initial stakeholder engagement process is available below:

We are now at an advanced stage of preparation, and will continue the finalisation of development over the coming months, including a public statutory consultation on the draft Programme which will take place in the coming weeks .


The overall objective of the PEACE PLUS Programme will be to build prosperity and peace within the region, to ensure that this Programme will leave a lasting and tangible legacy. The Programme will have two interlinked core objectives, firstly to take advantage of the opportunities and address the needs arising from the peace process, in order to boost economic growth and stimulate social and economic regeneration and secondly to take action to promote social inclusion, particularly for those at the margins of economic and social life.  


The detail of the thematic areas developed for the programme will be presented during the statutory consultation, however we can inform you that the framework developed for PEACE PLUS includes the following six themes:

Theme 1: Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities 

Theme 2: Delivering Economic Regeneration and Transformation 

Theme 3: Empowering and Investing in Young People 

Theme 4: Healthy and Inclusive Communities 

Theme 5: Supporting a Sustainable Future 

Theme 6: Building & Embedding Partnership and Collaboration 

More information on the programme.

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