Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities

The aim of this theme is to unite communities, help them rebuild and learn from a difficult past. Projects under Theme 1 will help community groups to grow stronger, work better together and create spaces for all to share.

Three individual Investment Areas have been designed to help local councils, organisations and people from every community to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous society.


Pre-application Support

Ahead of each PEACEPLUS funding call the SEUPB hosted pre-application support workshops for each Investment Area. Click on the Investment Areas below to access resources from the workshops.

Pre-application support is not a formal part of the assessment process and applicants can still apply to the programme even if they have not attended a workshop or completed a concept note. 

  • Investment Area 1.1 Co-designed Local Community Peace Action Plans

    PEACEPLUS Local Community Action Plans: Action Plans will be produced for each of the 17 local authority areas across the Programme Area. These will be designed to complement the community planning structures introduced across the Programme Area.

  • Investment Area 1.2 Empowering Communities

    All citizens, communities and organisations across the Programme Area have a role in creating a more peaceful and prosperous society and should be empowered to fulfil this potential. The Empowering Communities Programme will enable organisations of all sizes to engage in peacebuilding activities.

  • Investment Area 1.3: Building Positive Relations

    This investment area will provide support for projects which transcend local boundaries and have the potential to achieve significant peace and reconciliation across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. These projects should involve cross-border dimensions where possible and

  • Investment Area 1.4: Reimaging Communities

    This is a programme of transformative reimaging projects, which will create new shared spaces for use by all communities; or increase the shared usage of existing facilities. It will result in an increased number of individuals and groups utilising shared spaces and accessing shared services.

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