The Special EU Programmes Body awards funding to organisations in Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland to help to support peace and prosperity. Find out who can apply for funding, how to apply and where the funding comes from.

The Special EU Programmes Body manages funding that has been awarded to organisations in Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland to help to support peace and prosperity. 

The money awarded comes from the European Union as well as the Governments of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Executive.

  • Current funding opportunities

    The SEUPB are currently accepting applications to the following PEACEPLUS Investment Areas. Please click on the Investment Area you are interested in to find further information.
  • Who can apply for funding?

    Applications for funding can be submitted by a wide range of organisations including local authorities, public sector bodies as well as voluntary and community sector organisations (subject to eligibility checks). 
  • Thinking of applying for funding?

    Find out more about where PEACEPLUS funding comes from and what it was designed for.
  • What previous projects have received funding?

    If you are thinking about applying under the PEACEPLUS Programme we would encourage you to have a look at previous projects. This will provide you with lessons learnt from previous programmes to apply to new and innovative ideas.
  • What makes a good application?

    All projects must have a cross-community and cross-border collaboration element, and they must be able to demonstrate peace impacts. This is key to the PEACEPLUS Programme.
  • What pre-application support is available before applying for funding?

    Before each PEACEPLUS funding call opens the SEUPB will hold a pre-development support workshop for each Investment Area.
  • Call to Action: PEACEPLUS

    PEACEPLUS Workshops

    Ahead of funding calls for the PEACEPLUS Programme, the SEUPB is holding pre-application workshops to provide support for prospective projects. These workshops will provide full details of the application process as well as an understanding of each investment area objects. There will be a full overview of the PEACEPLUS Programme and the opportunity to engage with consultants and Programme facilitators. Click here for currently scheduled workshops and full recordings of previous sessions.

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