New Cross-Border Project to 'Make the Future'

Making the Future

A new cross-border cultural project, known as 'Making the Future', is set to empower 5,000 people to use museum collections and archives to explore the past and create a powerful vision for future change.

The project will use significant objects, collections and archives as a stimulus to pose challenging questions about the past , assess where we are at currently as a society, and create a manifesto for our future.

Participants from different communities, cultural and religious backgrounds will have multiple opportunities to get involved, to have their voices heard, to tell stories relevant to their lives, to be creative and to gain new skills.

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SEUPB Assessment Processing Times


The Executive Summary of the 2018 Implementation Evaluation Report has now been published on the SEUPB website here

Details of the application processing times are detailed on page 6 of the Executive Summary.

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