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Friday, 7 April 2023
Business Eye Leaders Forum 2023

Business Eye Leaders Forum 2023

Our Chief Executive Gina McIntyre, along with other leaders, recently spoke to Business Eye magazine on the key challenges facing business Northern Ireland in 2023.

In the Eye on Business Leaders section, SEUPB CEO Gina McIntyre speaks about how we have entered 2023 on the precipice of a recession that will bring many challenges for businesses in Northern Ireland and Ireland, affecting companies of all sizes, from large companies to micro-enterprises.

She stresses that it is incumbent on everyone across the private, public and third sectors to facilitate, support and encourage local businesses to take proactive steps that will create commercial advantage and increased competitiveness. In turn, this will enable them to survive and even thrive in the difficult economic times that are ahead.

It is against this backdrop that Theme 2 of the new PEACEPLUS Programme will be available from late Spring 2023. The PEACEPLUS Programme represents a €1.1 billion investment in the economic, social and environmental development of Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland.

"Theme 2 will enable businesses to become more competitive through transition to the circular economy and digitisation; to engage in commercially focused research development and innovation; to work with local training providers to address existing and emerging skills requirements; and to maximise their digital capacity to increase productivity and profitability."

Gina McIntyre
Chief Executive, SEUPB

You can Click here to read the article in full.

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