• Investment Area 1.3 - Building Positive Relations

    Closing date

    Building Positive Relations is a programme of support for projects which transcend local boundaries and have the potential to achieve significant peace and reconciliation across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. These projects should involve cross-border dimensions where possible and appropriate to the intervention.
  • The mural project created by North and East Belfast Area Project - YWIC was presented at the Our Generation Celebration Event.
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  • Investment Area 1.4 - Re-Imaging Communities

    Closing date

    The SEUPB are now accepting applications to the PEACEPLUS Programme, Investment Area 1.4 – Reimaging Communities

    This is a programme of transformative reimaging projects, which will create new shared spaces for use by all communities; or increase the shared usage of existing facilities.  Provide diverse communities with the support and resources to self-determine and co-design transformative shared, inclusive spaces and services on a cross-community basis within their areas; and Facilitate the reimaging of existing facilities (including those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic), with an emphasis on those areas which have been most impacted by the conflict, in a way which will deliver maximum social and economic benefits.
  • Investment Area 4.1 Collaborative Health and Social Care

    This will build upon existing and new cross-border collaborative approaches to health and social care delivery models (within specified treatment areas), to deliver an increased number of episodes of care across the Programme Area. It will support the development of innovative community-based health

  • Investment Area 1.2 Empowering Communities

    All citizens, communities and organisations across the Programme Area have a role in creating a more peaceful and prosperous society and should be empowered to fulfil this potential. The Empowering Communities Programme will enable organisations of all sizes to engage in peacebuilding activities.

  • Investment Area 1.1 Co-designed Local Community Peace Action Plans

    PEACEPLUS Local Community Action Plans: Action Plans will be produced for each of the 17 local authority areas across the Programme Area. These will be designed to complement the community planning structures introduced across the Programme Area.

  • Investment Area 1.4: Reimaging Communities

    This is a programme of transformative reimaging projects, which will create new shared spaces for use by all communities; or increase the shared usage of existing facilities. It will result in an increased number of individuals and groups utilising shared spaces and accessing shared services.

  • Listen, Share, Change Project

    Around 1,560 beneficiaries took part in the Listen, Share, Change project from across 52 Housing...

    Building Positive Relations
    Ladies from both Mid- Shankill and Clonard (Belfast) gather weekly for Reading Rooms

    The overall aim of the INTERREG IIIA Programme was to ‘address the economic and social disadvantage which can result from the existence of a border, by promoting the creation of programme networks involving, and also benefiting, local communities'
  • PEACE II Overview

    In March 1999, the PEACE II Programme was introduced to build on the success of PEACE I. It became mainstreamed as a Structural Funds Programme (formerly a Community Initiative) leading to the setting up of a Northern Ireland Community Support Framework (CSF) with two Operational Programmes – the Transitional Objective 1 Programme (known as Building Sustainable Prosperity) and the PEACE II Programme.
  • What was funded under the PEACE IV Programme?

    The PEACE IV The Programme had four key priority areas or ‘specific objectives’ where it aimed to make significant and lasting change. These were: Shared Education; Children and Young People; Shared Spaces & Services and Building Positive Relations.

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