• Investment Area 3.1 - Shared Learning Together Education in Formal Settings

    Closing date

    The SEUPB are now accepting applications to the PEACEPLUS Programme, Investment Area 3.1 – Shared Learning Together Education Programme (Formal Education).

    This Investment Area will provide direct, sustained contact between children from all backgrounds through collaboration between and within schools and in pre-school settings, to promote good relations and enhance children’s skills to contribute to a cohesive society.
  • TRANSFORM Project

    The TRANSFORM project engaged with around 480 young people (aged 14-24) from across Northern Ireland...

    Children and Young People
    Group of young people standing together in the sunset
  • Sharing From The Start

    The Sharing from the Start project involved early years settings throughout Northern Ireland and the...

    Shared Education
    (Back L-R) Denise McCormilla NCN, Lauri McCusker Fermanagh Trust. (Front L-R) Alison Chambers Department of Education, Ian McKenna Department of Education and Skills, Mark Feeney SEUPB and Siobhan Fitzpatrick Early Years. With children from Ardstraw Playgroup and Little Flower Playgroup
  • PEACE Programmes Learning Platform

    The Platform holds information and records that will continue to grow and develop in the coming years - including thousands of project case studies, research documents, reports, audio-recordings, testimonials, films and photographs.
  • PEACE Learning Platform Leaflet
  • Koulla Yiasouma, the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Ian Jeffers, the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Victims and Survivors and Professor Duncan Morrow, lecturer in politics at Ulster University.

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