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A second call for the Health & Social Care objective of the INTERREG VA Programme opened on the 18th July 2017. Full details of the call, including its expected results and outputs can be accessed here.

Applications to the call must be received no later than 3pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017. The application form can be downloaded below. (Applicants must work within the set character limits for all relevant questions). If you have any issues accessing or completing the application form please contact us via email:

To assist applicants the output indicator guidance for the health and social care objective of the Programme is available here. A Guide for Applicants is also available here.

A workshop for potential applicants to the call took place on the 2nd August. The presentation given by the respective Health Government Departments in Northern Ireland and Ireland can be accessed here. Please use this link for the SEUPB health and social care presentation.



The following calls have closed:

  • Enhancing Research & Innovation
  • Research & Innovation (Business Investment)
  • Environment (Habitats & species recovery)
  • Environment (Marine areas & species)
  • Environment (Transitional waters)
  • Environment (River basins)
  • Sustainable Transport (Multi-modal Hub)
  • Sustainable Transport (Greenways)
  • Sustainable Transport (EV network)


Funding Call Timetable

The Funding Call Timetable below will tell you when the SEUPB will accept applications for each of the different objectives of the INTERREG VA Programme.  Each thematic objective is only open to accept applications at certain times, and the SEUPB cannot accept applications outside of this.

Funding Call Timetable



Click here for details of the review procedure which can be used by unsuccessful applicants.

Click here for the review request template



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