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Shared Education

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Submitted by euadm2 on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 14:22

Shared Education (Total Value: €35.3m / ERDF: €30m)

The current educational structures within the region have resulted in a large proportion of children being educated solely with children of a similar background.  The PEACE IV Programme aims to build a culture of good relations amongst school children and equip them with the skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a society where the cycle of sectarianism and intolerance is broken.

This objective will provide direct, sustained, curriculum-based contact between pupils and teachers from all backgrounds, through collaboration between schools from different sectors in order to promote good relations and enhance children's skills and attitudes to contribute to a cohesive society.

It will result in an increase in the percentage of schools that have been involved in shared education with another school in the past academic year.

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Output: 350 schools involved in shared education.

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Output: 2,100 teachers trained with the capacity to facilitate shared education.

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Output: 144,000 participants in shared education classrooms.


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Direct and sustained contact between children of different backgrounds.
  • A "whole school" approach to involving teachers, classroom assistants, non-teaching staff, governors, pupils, families, wider communities, curriculum development, school policies and wider collaboration with the local community.
  • The bringing together of school children at early years, primary and post primary level.
  • Development and delivery of related teacher training initiatives.
  • Increased opportunities for cross-border cooperation.
  • Participation of schools in all sectors, including the integrated sector.
  • Potential creation of collaborative partnerships to involve Further and Higher Education Collages in Northern Ireland working with local schools to create opportunities for contact between children.
  • Partnerships between schools and youth services to create opportunities for contact between children.


Closed Funding Calls

The SEUPB closed this funding call at 3pm on 17 May 2016.